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The Performance Space


In terms of space, the school hall is ideal. We ask that there is enough space for all the children involved to be able to sit comfortably on the floor with a two meter space (at the front) for us to set up and perform in. We will make use of the stage if the school has one.

Ideally, there should be an area next to the performance space (either a storage cupboard or spare classroom) which we can use as a 'backstage' area. We will use this space to hide in beforehand, and go in and out of during the show to fetch props etc away from the children.

Teacher Info


The shows are funny. The children will laugh, quite a lot. Please make sure younger pupils have all been to the toilet before hand. There is nothing quite like the unique accolade of a wet floor sign.

Generally we have no issue holding the attention of large groups of children, but we please ask that the staff who participate are vigilant to any pupils who may get a little over excited.


Likewise, we please ask politely that staff resist the temptation to use the sessions as an opportunity for a natter, we are more than happy for teachers to watch our show - the more the merrier, but we please ask that chit-chat is kept to a minimum whilst we are performing.


We use our own sound system which requires two power sockets at the front of the performance space. For schools who have their own sound system we also have the option of running a line into this which we will do during setup. For smaller groups or for schools where there are children with additional needs, we can turn the volume level down or run the show acoustically.

For schools where there are hearing aid users, we are happy to wear neckloops during the show if necessary.

The Reveal


Live shows always work best if we are hidden out of sight from the children until the performance begins. We will set up the show in the hall before the children enter and then hide out of the way whilst the children are seated. If a teacher can prompt the children (once they are sat down and waiting) to count down from 10, we will then burst in and begin the show!

Arrival and Setup


We will aim to arrive roughly 40 minutes before our scheduled start time in order to get set up.

Episodes of The Rhyme Rocket


Please click the link below for episodes of our BBC Television Show - The Rhyme Rocket.


Additional Episodes can also be found on YouTube.​

Content for older pupils (7+) can be found on our YouTube channel The Ridiculous Rhyme Show.

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