About us

The Ridiculous Rhyme Show was written and developed by Cbeebies presenters Joe Chambers and Andrew Crawford who are known for playing First Officer Ditty and Professor Poet on BBC TV show The Rhyme Rocket.

Now with a team of six, we have visited schools and theatres all over the world (even as far as New Zealand) as well as headlining the famous Glastonbury Festival Kidz Field!

Ridiculous Rhyme Show


The Ridiculous Rhyme Show is live entertaining children's theatre, written to engage a primary school aged audience using interactive performance and comedy. It encourages children to enjoy literacy through creative word play which can be carried back into the classroom following the visit.


Running time: 1 hour


TV Workshop


After the main show, we run our TV workshop for older pupils (9+). This is an opportunity for children to get an insight into the media industry and the variety of career paths within it.


Our team are industry professionals who have worked in TV, theatre and film. We create our own production studio in the school hall and assign the children job roles before filming a few scenes.


​To conclude the workshop we run a Question and Answer session which is an opportunity for children to gain further understanding of the industry and what we do.

Running time: 45 minutes - 1 hour


Frequently asked questions

How many shows have you done?

We estimate that we've now perforned over 2000 shows. We're always developing our ideas so the show is constantly evolving, no two shows are identical. 2018 saw the show complete its first international tour of New Zealand. 2019 saw the introduction of the Blue and Red team and our first tour of Australia.

What’s the age range?

The Ridiculous Rhyme Show Academic focus: ages 4 - 8. Enjoyed by: ages 3 - 12
TV Workshop Academic focus: ages 9 - 12

How much space do you need at schools?

The school hall is usually ideal. We ask that there is enough space for all the children involved to be able to sit comfortably on the floor with a two meter space (at the front) for us to set up and perform in.

Do you need audio equipment?

No, we carry our own audio equipment so we just require a power source.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the show depends on the distance we need to travel, the cost of accommodation (if we need it) and the number of pupils at each school. Generally speaking we like to keep the cost of school visits as low as possible in order to ensure that we’re as accessible as we possibly can be to schools everywhere - as we know how much children take from the visits. Our aim is to ask for no more than £2.50 per pupil in order to ensure that children everywhere can benefit.