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Meet the Team!


Each member of our team is an industry professional who has worked in TV, theatre or film.Click here to watch it!


Children across the UK will recognise Joe from 'The Rhyme Rocket' where he plays 'First Officer Ditty' alongside Andy. He loves rapping and produces music videos in his spare time. Joe is the face of his hometown, Droitwich.

Fun fact: He plays BOTH characters in the official Droitwich Music Video.

Watch him in action here!




Andy is even bouncier than his big hair. He's one half of the Rhyme Rocket duo and is known to children across the UK as 'Professor Poet'. He’s originally from the North of England but is now very posh and has a masters degree from RADA in London. 

Fun fact: He is also a comedian and musician!



Ash has lots of experience working in film and television because he’s an actor. He's also a singer as has starred in several musicals, touring Australia, Dubai, the UK and Ireland as a performer. 

Fun fact: Ash grew up on a farm and, during his younger years, his best friend was a three-legged sheep (called Keith).



MC is on a mission to make children smile. He's toured as an actor in France, England and Australia and won’t stop until everyone’s laughing! He’s always trying to find fun and excitement on his journey through life and if he catches somebody yawning, he’ll counteract it with a smile.

Fun fact: He's played supporting roles in several TV shows so you might have caught a glimpse of him on Channel 4, BBC 3 or your Amazon Prime account.



Henry is a trilingual Irish actor and writer. He’s known for spreading magic throughout Europe with his own touring show, which was nominated at Prague Fringe for ‘most outstanding performance’ and ‘most creative play’.

He's has appeared in award-nominated films at Rome Film Festival and London Irish Film Festival.

Fun fact: Henry played leading role 'Robert Murphy' in 2019 feature film Lancaster Skies.



Dicky is a larger than life Liverpudlian with a penchant for magic tricks and science experiments. He's performed all over the UK as 'The Doc' in 'The Silly Science Show' and has played leading roles in several pantomimes.

Fun fact: Dicky is an actor, comedian, and singer!

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